Quality Politics

At Blom Mariritime, we have clearly established and anchored quality politics which are communicated throughout the company.

Dedicated Quality Staff and Established System:

Blom Mariritime has dedicated quality management resources to ensure that the quality management system is used, maintained and evaluated regularly, ensuring continuous improvement to our internal operations and the products and services we provide to our clients.

Process Control:

Our operational and support processes have clearly defined roles and responsibilities which allow us to ensure that we are operating effectively. All critical processes have effective control measures to ensure that the risk levels are minimised.

Internal Audits:

Regular internal audits help us ensure our routines are being followed and we have clearly established quality goals which are followed up regularly and adjusted when required.

Quality Control and Product Guarantee:

The products and services we provide our clients are quality controlled before completion to ensure requirements are met and we offer product and service guarantees.