Digital Asset Management

In order to make the access and use of data easy at the early stage (before 3D modelling views, sections etc. are ready), it is possible to publish scans on a website portal. They are then accessible from any place in the world by using just the internet connection and browser (no other software licenses are necessary). The published scans enable detail view of the object, as well as simple measurements and taking coordinates.

This solution makes it possible for the personnel involved in the project (e.g. design engineers, plant operators, installation workers) to familiarize themselves with the object before they receive the final products and deliverables. It reduces the number of necessary visits to site. It gives virtual access to the plant regardless of daytime or adverse conditions of the activities as repairs, retrofitting, etc. It can also be used for virtual sightseeing of inaccessible hazardous zones.

"We encourage our customers to upload the captured data onto our web based portals for maximum utilization and overall return of investment

Our proprietary web portal provides our customers the opportunity to access captured data 24/7 from any computer connected to the web. We provide secured login user and password access for selected size of work groups according to individual customer’s needs. This feature allow customers to maximize the support life cycle management of "as-is" documentation.