Dimensional control

Dimensional control is one of the best methods to apply in order to obtain accurate (+/- 0,5 mm accuracy) on measured objects.  It allows us to control and correct very high construction demands to the fabrication yard further ensuring we deliver on our objective - "first time fit"

Key objectives:

  • Reduction of man-hours in potentially hazardous areas and activities
  • Guaranteed fit of pre-fabricated items - with a very little spill on piping and equipment
  • Risk mitigation by reducing on-site man-hours
  • Preventing change orders during installation phase
  • Focus on budget/cost reducing the potential for cost and budget over-runs

Minimise shutdown duration - Minimise risk

Using established survey practices together with a suite of mathematical survey software developed in house, we guarantee sub-millimeter accuracy to ensure the first-time fit of all build components.”

Dimensional control


  • Provide a high quality, cost efficient product and service
  • Assist fabrication yards in the construction and potential design changes
  • By ensuring theoretical design remains according to design - eliminating on-site clashes
  • Cost and time focus - spend few hours more onshore reducing time during installation and docking


  • Reduce the on-site activities by increasing the onshore activities
  • Reduce potential re-work, thereby reducing installation time and docking time
  • Minimise shutdown durations
  • No unknown surprises - any and all challenges will have been located during design


  • No change orders when fabrication completed - no project overruns and add-ons
  • Ideally, docking and project schedule to be reduced
  • All additional or project re-work to be known in advance, thus no unknown growth or re-work
  • Maximize crew rotation and competence as training can be done virtually
  • Project schedule improved
  • Deliverables can be assessed easily and are measurable
  • Client KPI's to be assessed at given
  • Risk mitigation

Typical applications

  • AWP installations
  • Scrubber installations
  • Equipment modification
  • Hull and top-side modifications
  • HSEQ
  • Project planning and estimations